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Get subdomains like for free from and get the perfect name for your website, blog, store, project, side-hustle, business, or startup. With billions of dictionary word combinations available, the possibilities are endless.

How It Works

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    Register to get started

    It's easy to sign up, just enter your name and email address. Then go to your inbox and click on the link in our confirmation email to verify. (Make sure to check your junk folder if you don't see it right away)

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    Share to move up the waitlist

    We're consistently extending invites to those users at the top of the waitlist. You can move up the waitlist whenever someone else signs up with your referral code.

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    Refer friends to earn more subdomains

    In addition to getting priority by moving up the waitlist, for every user who signs up using your referral code, you'll earn another subdomain that you can use for another website, blog, project, startup, or company.

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    Fill out your subdomain wishlist

    Because some of the higher-demand subdomains might be claimed by the time you get access, you can register a list of desired subdomains and suffixes.

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    Enjoy your new website(s)

    Point your new subdomain at your hosting provider, or sign up to create a new blog, website, or landing page from one of our partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is is a new way to get domain names by leveraging common English language suffixes like -ing, -ic, -ment, etc. With many thousands of suffix-based domain names, there are millions of one-word and hundreds of billions of multi-word combinations.

  • Is it actually free?

    Yes, it is actually free of charge to claim and use a subdomain. If you don't already have a website or blog to point the name to, there may be costs associated with those services.

  • What if I don't have a website already?

    We have many partnerships with leading site building tools and hosting providers to get you up-and-running within minutes.

  • Can you get multi-word subdomains?

    Yes! Additional words can be added before the subdomain like

  • Can I use my own hosting provider?

    Yes, with you simply provide a CNAME for each subdomain that you have, and our DNS service will point any visitors to your website to wherever you have it hosted, like Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, AWS, Azure, GCP, Digital Ocean, Vercel, or almost any other provider.

  • Can I claim trademarked terms?

    No, we do not allow trademarked terms to be claimed by anyone who does not own the trademark. Contact us if someone is infringing in your trademark in a subdomain.

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